Saturday, July 30, 2016

Bird Refuge

Oil on linen                        11" x 14"                        © Jane Hurd 2016

Leadbetter Stanchion

Oil on linen           16" x 12"           © Jane Hurd 2016

Leadbetter Beach

Oil on linen                         11" x 14"                         © Jane Hurd 2016

The Tree

Oil on linen            9" x 12"            © Jane Hurd 2016
This tree at Devereux Slough in Santa Barbara has been painted thousands of times by a multitude of painters. By some, it has been called "the money tree" because paintings of this tree have sold very well. It used to be a clump of many trees, but 6 months ago several of them died and fell over. Now the remaining trees look like they are dying. The drought has killed so many trees in California. It will be very sad for painters to see the money tree fall down!

Arlington Peak #2

Oil on linen                         12" x 24"                         © Jane Hurd 2016
1st Place Award
SBVA and SB Sculptors Guild group Show Faulkner Gallery, October 2016